Pre-Workshop Day 6

As promised, I have placed the slides from yesterday’s briefing in the shared group folder on Google Drive. I have also have started a repository of links to relevant videos/articles/games etc. Remember to add links to the repository document for any sources you might come across during your research. You could also duplicate post on the Facebook to encourage peer-discussion

For today’s task can you make sure that you have all watched (at the very least) the following three videos, then discuss the questions at the end of the presentation within your group. These should hopefully provide inspiration and critical knowledge of the topic.

Edward Snowden with Glenn Greenwold – On PRISM and NSA Surveillance (12 mins – one of the first interviews with Snowden, the end 2 mins are particularly relevant in terms of public apathy towards his revelations)

The Virtual Revolution: The Cost of Free (58mins – I realise this one is quite long but its really great for providing some history and critical context – particularly the interview with dana boyd)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (30 mins – This one is hilarious, highlights US citizen’s apathetic nature towards Snowden and surveillance in general, as well as what the public deem unacceptable for government surveillance – aka ‘dick pics’)


Pre-workshop Day 5


Hi co_LAB’bers! Friendly neighbourhood Jo Graham here to give you a little brief to work on over the weekend. Social media is one of the fastest growing industries of digital media, enabling communication with folks of all ages, genders and nationalities worldwide. For this brief I want you to harness that massive potential so you’re able to put that skill to use later in your careers.
I want you to start an internet rumour, meme or blog post/article and get it talked about by as many people as possible.
It’s entirely up to you which you choose – but you have to come up with it yourselves. I strongly suggest you work in your assigned teams, but you don’t have to. You can use any social media account you like, and you can do it under your own names or under a false identity. You can use any and every method you have to get your rumour/blog-post/meme to be viewed by as many people as you can, using analytics to measure your content (where possible).
The rules:
– you must invent the content yourselves
– you can use any contacts you have
– you can use any means possible
– you can use any form of media you want
I suggest you start a hashtag or easily trackable sentence or phrase and track it using Google trends ( But you don’t HAVE to.
On Sunday you post your results! Send them in to the co_Lab twitter either directly or using the hashtag to proudly show off your results! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a tweet (@thejoannagraham) an email ( or Facebook message. It would be great to see how all this goes, so please post on Facebook/Twitter which rumour/blog-post/meme you’re responsible for right from the beginning.
Best of luck to all!


Happy Thursday co_LAB’bers!

Before I detail today’s task can I just remind all of those who are yet to write something in their respective team’s Google Doc , to add something by the end of today please, ta, thanks!

Also, I just want to add that you have been assigned a team, and as mentioned yesterday, being in a team isn’t the end of social interaction or collaboration with other co_LAB participants. In fact, quite the opposite because this year we will all be working together to produce work for the same event (more on this soon)!

Now, onto what we want from you starting from today….

To make your team a little more personal (and fun) we want you to come up with the following:

  • a name for your team (keep it appropriate but fun)
  • a logo that visually communicates your team name
  • choose a mascot (this can either be captured in your team logo or a separate entity)

It is up to you (each team) how you wish to approach this task. You can either all work on something individually, post the results and vote for your favourite. Or you could try and work in real-time collaboratively to design and develop your ideas and logos. It’s totally up to you.

You can use any online collaborative platforms you wish to design, develop, comment, amend and present your final responses. The only thing we ask is that you make the final results publicly available somehow! Also, it would be good to see some documented thinking/rationale behind the choices you make and the way you worked together to choose the final outcomes.

Time to engage your creative/design heads people!

We want to see the finished results by next Tuesday evening. There will be a small prize for the best team name/logo awarded next Friday!

Pre-workshop Day 3

Good day co_LAB,

Today we get serious. Well, reasonably serious…

First of all however, the results are in on the most popular date for the social and it’s Monday 18th! So the plan is to meet up in the studio MC2113b (2nd Floor MHT Building) at 4pm for a briefing regarding the theme of the workshop and we’ll be setting you guys a simple research task. Then, from 5pm, we’ll head across to the pub for Mario Kart, Tequila and Nachos.

So, back to today’s task…. We’re going to actually ask you to use your minds and your typing fingers on this one!

You are to going to locate your ‘team folder’ (see below) on Google Drive and you are each to contribute to the document inside by contributing:

A ‘micro CV – a few lines about yourself (key skills/specialisms/expertise/software and equipment you have a good working knowledge of)

You can also use this space to promote any work / projects you have been a part of. This could also take the form of more creative responses (video CV, web content, etc)

“Teams you say?” Yes. Teams. We’ve designated each of you into one of 3 teams based on trying to mix up skills / programme areas.

Don’t worry too much about these groups, we are going to be working together towards a common goal so there’s not going to be too much segregation.

Team A
Toni Wiltshire
Francisca Bullinger
Emma Heaps
Ryan Docherty

Team B
Samantha Dos Santos
James Similie
Jacob Redfern
Zach Jones

Team C
Lyon Owen
Phillipa Revit
Andrew Neudegg
Jasmine Hughes

If you could all contribute within the next 24 hours, that would be AWESOME!


Greetings fellow co_LAB’ers!

Today marks the first day of the pre-workshop phase of the project. Over the next 2 weeks(ish), we will be setting a number of small tasks that will allow you to work collaboratively and prepare your responses for the main workshop that starts two weeks from today!

The majority of the pre-workshop phase will take place in the virtual world of ‘The Cloud’ so you can contribute at a time that suits you. We are, however, planning one or two “real world” gatherings to get you started thinking about the main task (more on this soon), and to get everyone together in a social context.

Over the next 2 weeks you are going to be introduced to the brief and have small, manageable, tasks set you and your group (we’ll mention more on this Wednesday or Thursday). It is therefore imperative you join the Facebook Group for the project. To be kept up-to-date with all that’s happening, make sure you turn notifications on. That way, project related stuff can be pushed to you. Facebook is going to be used as a communications tool but also as a means of gauging opinions, arranging things and sharing stuff.

Today’s Task

At the heart of this project is the networked culture that drives collaboration and we plan to exploit that to the full by using it to draw people’s attention to the project. It was a big part of the success of the precious co_LAB workshop and the Media Culture 2020 project so we plan to use this model as part of co_LAB in both the pre- and physical workshop stages. But to do this effectively, we need your help.

So, your task(s) for today are to create:

  • A selfie – posted on the Facebook group
  • A Vine/Instagram video about something you enjoy – and then shared on the Facebook group
  • A 100 character tweet describing themselves – the extra 20 characters for #coLAB and Twitter name

Happy content creating! We are looking forward to seeing / reading what you guys post!