In May 2016, co_LAB (The Collaboration Laboratory) undertook an intensive, interdisciplinary workshop that brought together students and staff from across the University of Lincoln, UK to collaborate and innovate in response to a core brief. Participants from Media Production, Psychology, Computer Science, Performing Arts and Games Computing considered the possibilities for the production and dissemination of academic knowledge in the context of the digital age, aiming to challenge/expand current perceptions, and lay the groundwork for a wider view of what might be an appropriate format for the ‘book’ in the 21st Century. Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 /Day 4

The Brief

Using the research questions of the AHRC-funded ‘Academic Book of the Future‘ project as a framework for the workshop, students considered the purposes that different kinds of academic books are thought to fulfil and the forms that books take in the world of digital media and open-access publishing. The workshop employed a discovery-based learning approach, with students free to develop innovative concepts in a range of media that addressed these issues

For more information about this project, and to view the concept visualisation materials produced throughout the workshop, please visit the co_LAB: Academic Book of the Future standalone page