Pre-workshop Day 3

Good day co_LAB,

Today we get serious. Well, reasonably serious…

First of all however, the results are in on the most popular date for the social and it’s Monday 18th! So the plan is to meet up in the studio MC2113b (2nd Floor MHT Building) at 4pm for a briefing regarding the theme of the workshop and we’ll be setting you guys a simple research task. Then, from 5pm, we’ll head across to the pub for Mario Kart, Tequila and Nachos.

So, back to today’s task…. We’re going to actually ask you to use your minds and your typing fingers on this one!

You are to going to locate your ‘team folder’ (see below) on Google Drive and you are each to contribute to the document inside by contributing:

A ‘micro CV – a few lines about yourself (key skills/specialisms/expertise/software and equipment you have a good working knowledge of)

You can also use this space to promote any work / projects you have been a part of. This could also take the form of more creative responses (video CV, web content, etc)

“Teams you say?” Yes. Teams. We’ve designated each of you into one of 3 teams based on trying to mix up skills / programme areas.

Don’t worry too much about these groups, we are going to be working together towards a common goal so there’s not going to be too much segregation.

Team A
Toni Wiltshire
Francisca Bullinger
Emma Heaps
Ryan Docherty

Team B
Samantha Dos Santos
James Similie
Jacob Redfern
Zach Jones

Team C
Lyon Owen
Phillipa Revit
Andrew Neudegg
Jasmine Hughes

If you could all contribute within the next 24 hours, that would be AWESOME!

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