Pre-Workshop Day 6

As promised, I have placed the slides from yesterday’s briefing in the shared group folder on Google Drive. I have also have started a repository of links to relevant videos/articles/games etc. Remember to add links to the repository document for any sources you might come across during your research. You could also duplicate post on the Facebook to encourage peer-discussion

For today’s task can you make sure that you have all watched (at the very least) the following three videos, then discuss the questions at the end of the presentation within your group. These should hopefully provide inspiration and critical knowledge of the topic.

Edward Snowden with Glenn Greenwold – On PRISM and NSA Surveillance (12 mins – one of the first interviews with Snowden, the end 2 mins are particularly relevant in terms of public apathy towards his revelations)

The Virtual Revolution: The Cost of Free (58mins – I realise this one is quite long but its really great for providing some history and critical context – particularly the interview with dana boyd)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Government Surveillance (30 mins – This one is hilarious, highlights US citizen’s apathetic nature towards Snowden and surveillance in general, as well as what the public deem unacceptable for government surveillance – aka ‘dick pics’)


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