Final Pre-Workshop Task!

Congratulations, the first phase of our co_LAB adventure is nearly complete – we just have one more small task for you to work on in your teams.

On Thursday we would like you to present the findings from your initial research to the rest of the group. We realise this is not going to be overly extensive given the limited time that you have had to get cracking on this, but if you could prepare some responses to the following questions that would be MOST GOOD!

  • What are the key concerns about military / commercial surveillance?
  • Is privacy online important to you?
  • Is the right to free speech and protest important for democracy?
  • Should governments have unrestricted access to personal data?
  • How might we challenge public apathy towards these issues?
  • How can we challenge forms of surveillance?
  • What legal or political ramifications do you foresee over the next 10 years
  • What technological developments do you foresee over the next 10 years


These questions are designed to inspire/intrigue you during your research, but ultimately the research we undertake collaboratively will inform the projects you will work on over the next week or so. Remember to post any interesting articles or videos in the repository document in the shared Google Drive folder, and duplicate your findings on the FB coffee room (to keep things tidy I suggest everybody adds them to the Russell Brand video thread so all posts can be found in one place!)


Good luck gang… see you at 9.30 at the Junxion!

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