Pre-workshop Day 4

Hola Amigos,

It’s Day 4 of the co_LAB pre-workshop phase and we have a new task for you to complete today.

As with the previous tasks, it’s very simple but quite important as it directly relates to one of the activities during our actual workshop.

You need to sign up for a guest lecture by Raqs Media Collective that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 13th May at 6pm. And that’s it!

Just by reading the description of who they are and what they’ll be talking about you’ll quickly see why this is relevant to co_LAB and your experiences of the Art/Media industry thus far.

Sign up by visiting the University’s Events & Conferences Page.

That’s it for today, but check back tomorrow as the brief will finally be announced as well as the first task which actually get’s you thinking about the theme of the actual workshop.

Finally, a big thanks for those who have contributed to the social aspect of this pre-workshop phase… and don’t forget to vote on the social gathering date. It looks like it’ll be the Tuesday so try and keep that evening free!

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