Pre-workshop Day 3

Good morning gang,

Welcome to Day 3 of the pre-workshop activities, and a big welcome to our 20th recruit! We now have a nice even 5 members per group.

The announcement of the brief will be coming very soon but the focus of today is making a big splash in the digital realm by broadcasting on several social platforms a little about yourselves (with appropriate linkages to co_LAB).

At the heart of this project is the networked culture that drives collaboration and we plan to exploit that to the full by using it to draw people’s attention to the project. It was a big part of the success in the Media Culture 2020 project and we plan to use this model as part of co_LAB in both the pre- and physical workshop stages. But to do this effectively, we need your help.

So, your task(s) for today are to create:

  • A selfie – posted on the Facebook group
  • A vine video about something they enjoy – and then shared on the Facebook group
  • A 100 character tweet describing themselves – the extra 20 characters for #coLAB and Twitter name

Also, for those who have yet to do so, please choose an evening for the social gathering (see pinned post on the Facebook group). It appears the Tuesday is just in the lead (possibly because Monday is a bank holiday), but still, make your voice heard and get used to participating in questions as this is how we plan to run the democratic processes of the project (there’s more to come).

Happy content creating! I am looking forward to seeing / reading what you guys post!

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