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Well done to you all for applying to take part in the co_LAB cross-college innovation workshop next week. This project brings together staff and students from diverse academic disciplines (media production, games computing and psychology) to collaborate on the co-development of creative concepts and innovative approaches to learning.

The workshop will run from Monday 9 to Friday 13; whilst it will be quite an intense week, it should also be extremely rewarding! We will be kicking off the workshop on Monday morning at 10.00am – please meet us for tea and coffee in MC2131 (second floor of MHT building)!

Before we introduce the particular brief for this project, we need to make sure we are all signed up to the various online services we will be using to support our collaborative production. By now you should have all posted your selfies on the Facebook page. It’s great to see that you are raring to go and that you bring a diverse range of skills and experiences. The Facebook group will act as informal place which we will be using to exchange information, feedback and research, whilst the co_LAB blog and twitter will be used to document our progress throughout the week and provide information about the content of the workshop.

We will also be using Google Drive and Google Docs to collaborate and share files. If you haven’t got a Google account, please could you sign up. Although it is not essential, as you can work anonymously without an account, it would make things a little easier if you you did! If you haven’t used Docs or Drive then don’t panic, the following videos should give you a little more information about why we intend to use these services, and how they can support our collaborations:


Small Preparatory Task

To begin our collaborations please could all spend a little while contributing to the following short task (it needn’t take too much effort). I have created a folder on the shared co_LAB Drive where all our work will be stored and exchanged. I have posted a link to this on the Facebook group – as you will see, there is a document that you will be able to edit. (N.B. In order to distinguish who has contributed what, we suggest that you choose a different colour for your text and give an indication at the top of the page).

Please could you all spend a little time populating this document with answers to the following questions?

  1. How do you learn best?
  2. What supports or hinders your learning?
  3. How do you engage with reading and research in the 21st Century?


Good luck and see you on Monday at 10am!

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