Pre-workshop Day 1

Greetings fellow co_LAB’ers!

Today marks the first day of the pre-workshop phase of the project. Over the next 2 weeks, we will be setting a number of small tasks that will allow you to work collaboratively and prepare your responses for the main workshop that starts two weeks from today!

The majority of the pre-workshop phase will take place in the virtual world of ‘The Cloud’ so you can contribute at a time that suits you. We are, however, planning one or two “real world” gatherings to get you started on the main task, and maybe one just for fun!

Over the next 2 weeks you are going to be introduced to the brief and have small, manageable, tasks set you and your group. It is therefore imperative you join the Facebook Group for the project. To be kept up-to-date with all that’s happening, make sure you turn notifications on. That way, group related stuff can be pushed to you. Facebook is going to be used as a communications tool but also as a means of gauging opinions, arranging things and sharing stuff.

Groups you say? Yes that’s right. All successful applicants have now been assigned a group based on complimentary skills and interests. We have tried to make it as even as possible but sadly we weren’t able to make them all of even size; so Group 4, you’re a person short… apologies, but there’s plenty of talent in there so you’ll be fine!

Today’s Task

Your task today is fairly straightforward. Find out which group you have been assigned and introduce yourselves to your fellow group members (and the rest of us) on the Facebook Group page.

That’s it! Easy! Other tasks will soon be announced via this blog (and promoted via Facebook so if you haven’t joined the group, do so ASAP). If you know of a participant who hasn’t yet signed up to the Facebook Group; give them a friendly nudge.

Group 1
Wade Baverstock
Granby Limb
Maria Blackstomne
Jonathan Hutchinson
Matt Acey

Group 2
Abigail Duffin
Ben Haywood
Taylor Ganser
Dom Butler
Mark Sowden

Group 3
Daniel Hipwell
Daisy Thirlwall
William Richardson
Adam Thompson
Elizabeth Kendall

Group 4
Ayodele Ogunshakin
Matt Smith
Brandon King
Timmie Stirland
Sean Spriggs

ChiSparks 2014 – University of Applied Science – The Hague

In April co_LAB visited The University of Applied Science, The Hague, Netherlands to deliver a paper at ChiSparks14. The one day conference provided a platform for researchers and practitioners in the HCI community to share and discuss their efforts on researching and developing methods, techniques, products, and services that enable people to have better interactions with systems and other people.

The theme of the 2014 edition of the conference was ‘Creating the Difference’. HCI is a creative field where practitioners engage both in the design and the production of interactions. Creating excellent interfaces for people, they make a difference in media and systems that people are eager to use.

Keynote speakers were provided by Thomas Marzano, the Global Head of Brand Design at Philips, Ohyoon Kwon and Albert Kivits presented the social innovation project ‘HomelessSMS’, and finally Dick Rijken and Frank Baldé outlined their current developments in the world of music and musical instruments and interfaces.

One of the programme strands was entitled ‘Kids@play’ which focused on digital tools used in innovative forms of teaching and learning. It was here that Graham delivered the paper ‘Digital Learning Environments and Collaborative Pedagogy: Media Culture 2020 by Thayne & Cooper’

chi program Graham Chi

Graham was also invited to present a demo of one of his personal art projects entitled ‘Memory Box – Graham aged 8’ which was set up in the main atrium of the impressive campus building. The piece takes the form of a homemade victorian viewing box, where housed within is a digital display that challenges notions of the validity of photographic memory.

membox membox2

Call for Participants

This is a call for student participants to be involved in an exciting interdisciplinary, transmedia project which seeks to explore and develop new approaches to collaborative teaching and learning. co_LAB represents a great opportunity to work on a project that blurs the boundaries of specialised skill and knowledge learning. This project will also offer you the chance to meet and collaborate with staff and students studying across a number of schools within the College of Arts.

co_LAB is an intensive programme taking place between 12-16 May, 2014, featuring additional online content and a number of practice and skills workshops. We are looking for enthusiastic participants made up from current Level 2 students from across Media Production, Audio Production, Film and Television, Contemporary Lens Media, and Interactive Design.

What’s in it for you:

  • Networking – discover other talented artists and practitioners
  • Shape the way you learn by having more autonomy in curriculum development
  • Develop a new outlook on your role within the education system
  • Discover new approaches to conceptual and practical production
  • Share your voice on challenging debates
  • Get your work exhibited at a public-facing event
  • Counts as extra-curricular activity for the ‘Lincoln Award’
  • So, you’re interested… what’s next?

If you would like to be considered please send a brief statement (about 500 words should do it) outlining why we should pick you, what your key skills are, what would you bring to the project and what you expect to get out of the experience.

We also require a short CV (max 1-page) highlighting any experience you have in collaborative working, any production skills you have, previous projects you have been involved with and any extra-curricular activities you have undertaken.

We will be holding an informal briefing on the project for all who may wish to take part but want to find out a little more information on Wednesday 19th March, 15.00 in room MC2113B (2nd floor MHT).