Pre-workshop Day 1

Greetings fellow co_LAB’ers!

Today marks the first day of the pre-workshop phase of the project. Over the next 2 weeks, we will be setting a number of small tasks that will allow you to work collaboratively and prepare your responses for the main workshop that starts two weeks from today!

The majority of the pre-workshop phase will take place in the virtual world of ‘The Cloud’ so you can contribute at a time that suits you. We are, however, planning one or two “real world” gatherings to get you started on the main task, and maybe one just for fun!

Over the next 2 weeks you are going to be introduced to the brief and have small, manageable, tasks set you and your group. It is therefore imperative you join the Facebook Group for the project. To be kept up-to-date with all that’s happening, make sure you turn notifications on. That way, group related stuff can be pushed to you. Facebook is going to be used as a communications tool but also as a means of gauging opinions, arranging things and sharing stuff.

Groups you say? Yes that’s right. All successful applicants have now been assigned a group based on complimentary skills and interests. We have tried to make it as even as possible but sadly we weren’t able to make them all of even size; so Group 4, you’re a person short… apologies, but there’s plenty of talent in there so you’ll be fine!

Today’s Task

Your task today is fairly straightforward. Find out which group you have been assigned and introduce yourselves to your fellow group members (and the rest of us) on the Facebook Group page.

That’s it! Easy! Other tasks will soon be announced via this blog (and promoted via Facebook so if you haven’t joined the group, do so ASAP). If you know of a participant who hasn’t yet signed up to the Facebook Group; give them a friendly nudge.

Group 1
Wade Baverstock
Granby Limb
Maria Blackstomne
Jonathan Hutchinson
Matt Acey

Group 2
Abigail Duffin
Ben Haywood
Taylor Ganser
Dom Butler
Mark Sowden

Group 3
Daniel Hipwell
Daisy Thirlwall
William Richardson
Adam Thompson
Elizabeth Kendall

Group 4
Ayodele Ogunshakin
Matt Smith
Brandon King
Timmie Stirland
Sean Spriggs

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