OnCreate Update & Symposium

The sun is finally setting on the OnCreate project the co_LAB team has been undertaking for the past 3 years!

 OnCreate is an EU Erasmus Strategic Partnership between 10 European Universities that explores online creative processes and collaborative methods of teaching and learning. The project aims to foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between students and staff from different institutions across Europe. The OnCreate consortium has been developing joint courses that utilise blended and flipped learning; practical workshops; virtual learning environments and collaborative group workOur work throughout this project has provided a number of opportunities for LSFM students to collaborate with students from across Europe in extra-curricular courses that have explored in branding and logo design, human-centred design and social enterprise, and virtual and augmented reality.

The project culminated in a one-day international symposium hosted by the co_LAB team in May 2017, featuring a key-note from Tom Roope (Creative Lead, Google Digital Zoo). The symposium invited speakers from across Europe to share their research and industry experiences/knowledge around online collaboration and creativity, whilst providing a platform for the OnCreate consortium to disseminate the work that has been undertaken throughout the project. The outputs from the ‘Mixing of Realities’ short course were also exhibited as part of an interactive VR installation

‘The Mixing of Realities’ OnCreate Course

As part of the OnCreate project, Clive, Stephen and Martyn recently facilitated a series of workshops that explored VR technologies, methods and approaches, in collaboration with our Erasmus partners from Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK). Mutual peer feedback was facilitated through weekly video conferencing between the two partner universities, whilst learning materials were made available prior to the workshops through both a dedicated website and social media channels. Each week tutors monitored progression of student teams and provide both technical and intellectual support.

‘The Mixing of Realities’ OnCreate course was a series of weekly workshops that explored new and emergent VR technologies (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, etc.). The course focussed on developing concepts for Virtual Reality, providing an opportunity to foster online collaboration between student groups at LSFM and TAMK. Students worked in local groups to develop VR concepts that addressed a shared brief (‘overcoming barriers to learning’), with final concepts being presented as part of TAMK International Week (24-28 April 2017).

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3D-Asset Pipeline Workshop

Throughout April, Jon Holmes and James Field facilitated a collaborative project that explored 3D-asset production processes with colleagues from our Erasmus partners at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

Here is a brief montage video to celebrate the recent collaboration between six of our talented, Level 2 LSFM students and students from The Hague. Jon and James were joined by six Media Production students studying Digital Media  (Alicia Tharme, Andraz Mohar, Dan Hardy, Gracie Burton, Sophie Rawson and Jack Rhodes-Smith) as they undertook an intensive 4 day 3D-Asset Pipeline workshop. With little to no experience of 3D modelling, 3D texture painting; Physically Based Rendering; and, game engine practices, students had to devise, plan and produce an interactive Urban 3D Game Environment. All of the students more than exceeded expectations of what was possible in such a short space of time, and with such a sharp learning curve.

Jason Bradbury joins the co_LAB crew

This year the co_LAB team has had the great fortune to collaborate with Jason Bradbury (of The Gadget Show fame) on a number of projects

‘TV is Dead’

Jason was invited to set a brief within the framework of Media Enterprises for our level 3 Media Production students. 4 groups were selected to work with Jason via a series of masterclasses, in which he explored the landscape of TV from his vast experience working in the industry.


In semester B,  Jason joined us again for a series of 3 extra curricular workshops, which were open to all interested parties amongst staff and students within LSFM. The themes of the trilogy were to openly discuss the current state of the media landscape, to future gaze via trends and predictions as to where the industry is heading, and then to finally plot and plan how we as a school and as media practitioners can work towards that future.

Academic Book Week @ The British Library

Following on from the recent ‘Academic Book of the Future’ project the co_LAB team has been a part of over the past year, Martyn, Jon and Stephen, along with a couple of student participants, were invited to deliver a public workshop as part of ‘Academic Book Week’ at the British Library, London in January 2017. The workshop brought together key stakeholders, including digital publishers, librarians, academics and post-graduate students, to discuss and debate the future of the academic book through a series of brainstorming exercises. Additionally, we developed a working augmented reality prototype that enabled interaction between books and mobile devices, which was exhibited during an interactive demonstration at the British Library.

Stop the Press!

The workshop recently received coverage in The Times Higher Education in an article entitled From Books to BOOCS: What is the Future?