Pre-workshop Day 6

It’s Tuesday people!

And that means two things…

Firstly, don’t forget that we’re meeting up today in MC2113B (2nd floor Media Building) at 6pm to start setting the scene for next week’s main workshop.

Don’t worry if you can’t all make it, as long there is representation from all groups, you should be fine.

The reason for hosting the pre-workshop… errrr… workshop, is to introduce you to the online collaboration tools you’ll be using from tomorrow onwards and to set a few contextual details including the proposed schedule (so far) and, more importantly, the core themes behind the workshop next week.

From tomorrow you will be set tasks to work on in your groups using these online collaboration tools. You will present you findings on the Monday of the workshop (12th May). Don’t worry, you’ll be given some time on Monday to finalise your findings when you’re all together.

Secondly, it’s also the social gathering so after we’ve finished with the above, we’re all off to the pub!

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