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co_LAB Netherlands at The Academy of Pop Culture

In September 2014 Martyn and Graham travelled to The Academy of Pop Culture, Leeuwarden, Netherlands to take part in their annual iWeek. They joined a number of academics from across Europe who each prepared and delivered workshops on various contemporary subjects.


Martyn and Graham’s workshop entitled “#co_LAB_NL” looked into aspects of surveillance and monitoring in our modern networked culture, and how these forms permeate both virtual and physical environments. Armed with smartphones, students were let loose to explore locations to document instances of surveillance via twitter / instagram / vine / hyperlapse / etc. The students then contextualised this information via an interactive mapping software, leading to a critical discussion of surveillance culture. This formed a collaborative digital narrative which documented the process and presents informed reflections relating to the topic. The final output can be found at:


Other workshops during the International week ranged from “True Scientists Hangout: Reborn” delivered by Kristaps Grunsteins and Anna Trapenciere from Latvia/Liepaja University, MPLab, where students explored the idea of giving analogue machines a new life, through hacking and connecting to the internet, giving these ‘dead’ objects a new chance of life.

Another on “User-Centered Design” delivered by Kirsi Karimäki from TAMK Tampere, Finland, where students considered designing solutions for the consumers’ everyday needs by relating these concepts to their own practice.

Gyorgyi Retfalvi, Head of the Social Media Specialization at Budapest College of Communication and Business ran the workshop “Recycling Cyberpunk” where she posed the question “Is there anything usable from Cyberpunk for the people of 2014? Is there any stake to understand where are the borders between human beings and machines, or how can we jump to the system?” to which the students responded via a webpage, a video or as game.


co_LAB Exhibition at #CreativePeople

A group of student participants from co_LAB Project 1 workshop went along to a local networking event for creative people in Lincoln to discuss the project and display their posters . #creativepeople is a new endeavour begun by Hannah Agutter, Nathan Dean and Samuel Clarke to help networking all creativity in the Lincoln area (and then, beyond). The event took place on September 25th and presented the chance for local creatives to share their work.

colabians assemble

creative people chat

Dan Hipwell had this to say about the event:

It was a great opportunity to display our work from co_LAB and get to know what people think but even better was seeing what the other people have been doing.

Showing his photography skills was Luke Clarke, a university graduate currently based in Lincoln. He does photography and film and it would definitely be worth checking out his work on his facebook page. Also there was Stephen Fisher with IntAR-Media, who is working on a way of bringing augmented reality to the city. Some of the best augmentation software I’ve seen with some really impressive ideas on how to bring a place to life though apps, I look forward to seeing more about that from his twitter (@IntARMedia). With an innovative photo story sequence was Arron Baxter from Badgehat Media, about a girl called Iris and her friend F.stop, The Dark Chamber is a story based in the world of a camera. It was a great idea which you can check out on their Tumblr ( It was awesome to meet all these other creative people and the whole event was a great way to network and discover some new ideas, I would highly recommend it.